How to clean your silver jewellery

Here are some tips from our experts to help keep your beautiful silver jewellery looking as good as new!

  • Using a silver polishing cloth can remove light tarnish easily from your silver jewellery. To remove heavier oxidation, rub your jewellery with a moistened corner of the cloth, then polish with a dry part of the cloth.
  • To keep your silver jewellery bright and sparkling, always remove it before exercising, swimming or doing household chores, etc.
  • Chemicals, perfume, hairspray, sea salt and even hard water can leave a film on your jewellery that will leave it dull and looking less shiny.
  • Silver will eventually tarnish or discolour it left out in the open.
  • Leaving your jewellery jumbled up with lots of other pieces in a box or a drawer can cause scratches and breakages and it should ideally be stored away from strong light, moisture and dust.
  • Gem stones are natural stones and although they have a timeless resilience, some are delicate and can fracture easily- treat them with care.