Our Silver Jewellery


We sell a beautiful range of solid silver jewellery that comes from around the worldWe have designed some of the larger statement jewellery pieces and chosen the combinations of stones. 

The majority of our silver jewellery is handmade and has natural semi-precious gem stones which can often vary in colour, shape, pattern and translucency due to their natural origin. This makes our silver jewellery completely unique!

A range of the jewellery is handmade in Thailand such as the plain silver, shell, mother of pearl and quartz crystal.

The majority of the silver jewellery made with semi-precious gem stones is handmade in the north of India. The gem stones are sourced from all over the world and set in beautiful designs to show off the natural qualities of the gem stones.

All of our silver jewellery is solid silver and has a 925 silver mark. We guarantee our jewellery so if you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact us.

Jewellery from India

We travel to the North of India to work with the talented craftsmen and hand select the semi-precious gem stones that go into the bigger pieces of silver jewellery such as bracelets and pendants. 


Each gem stone has its own characteristics and differences in shape and colour which makes them completely exceptional pieces to wear and admired by all.

Rainbow moonstone silver bracelet

For example some of the gem stones we choose such as amethyst and black onyx are a solid colour and therefore we would use a pretty flower or dragon fly to enhance the beauty of the stone. Other gem stones such as labradorite, rainbow moonstone and turquoise are sometimes almost like works of art in themselves and therefore we use a very simple setting to show off the stone's amazing natural qualities and colours. 

Jewellery from Thailand

The majority of the silver jewellery we buy in Thailand is plain silver, shell and cubic zirconia. 

Silver rose ring

The styles are very different and usually we find contemporary designs. A lot of the jewellery is already made when we visit the suppliers so we choose the pieces by hand ensuring we have jewellery that compliments the Indian range.Turquoise shell silver pendant

Some of the suppliers in Thailand enjoy showing us how they make individual pieces, for example some of our turquoise pendants are made from slices of natural shell then the reconstituted turquoise is flooded around the natural shape of the shell. This gives such a dramatic effect and makes each piece so individual.



All of our silver jewellery is nickel free. Some people have an intolerance to nickel and when their skin is in contact with metals containing nickel such as watch straps, belt buckles, studs on jeans and cheap earrings the reaction can be sore, itchy and sometimes red skin. At Silver Jewellery Ireland we care about quality and ensure that our jewellery is nickel free.


Leathers and Chains

Each pendant needs to be worn on a chain or leather cord. The bigger pieces can look really dramatic on one or two coloured leathers. For example, you could wear the large silver flower pendant on two different coloured leathers during the day time to match your outfit then swap to a 2mm silver chain for the evening. It's amazing how different it makes the pendant look.
The leather cords are also great idea if you are buying a pendant for a gift as most people have their own chains and the leather cord makes a nice alternative.